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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grow It Organic?

Grow It Organic is a bio-liquid organic plant-based solution that is uniquely formulated with 100% (non-GMO) plant ingredients, with the unique capability of being a soil conditioner, a plant booster, a flowering and fruiting enhancer, as well as improving the quality of the fruit and yield of the plants and crops.

What are the ingredients of Grow It Organic?

No manufacturer lists all product ingredients as it is proprietary knowledge. But for the peace of mind of our users, our products have lemongrass, citronella, tea tree oil, pine nut oil, eucalyptus oil, and extracts of rice husks, cotton seeds, linseed, castor, and a type of Japanese citrus. In total, we have 28 ingredients, of which 7 are medicinal in nature. When combined, these 28 ingredients provide the necessary power to strengthen the plant and crops giving them a natural ability to deter pests and insects.

Why choose organic over synthetic?

Natural and organic solutions are eco-friendly alternatives to chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers kill beneficial micro-organisms living in the soil and adversely affect soil pH levels. Continuous use of chemical fertilizers depletes the soil of essential nutrients. Therefore, food produced in these soils has lesser vitamin and mineral contents.

The main advantage of choosing organic is that you are enhancing soil fertility and stimulating plant growth for years instead of depleting them. This would result in healthy and productive soil, which would benefit plant growth without the worry of chemicals.

How to use Grow It Organic?

Shake the concentrated solution well before use. Normal dilution is 1:1000 ml of water. Fine mist spray solution directly onto fruits, flowers, leaves, stem, and soil till moist. For small plants, spray once a week while for bigger plants or crops spray twice weekly. For specific crops, kindly contact us on Facebook or Instagram.

What are the key advantages of Grow It Organic?

Higher Yield – Plants produce more fruit counts and more crops in any given space.

Better Harvest Cycle - Significantly shortens harvest cycles.

Cost-Effective - All in one solution as users do not need additional pesticides and insecticides as our product uses natural ingredients for insect repelling.

Organic Farming – 100% formulated plant-based solution that leaves no residue on the soil.

Why do we spray on pests at a frequency of once per 3 days?

Firstly, as our products contain no chemicals (lab tested and confirmed), it is slow reacting. There are no immediate results possible when using our products.

Secondly, the plants or crops need time to absorb our product and grow strong. Pests normally attack only weak plants and crops.

Thirdly, plants and crops need to grow strong and be capable to provide a defense. Thus, this 3-day frequency is to allow both plants or crops to grow stronger and the pests to be deterred naturally by the plant or crops and leave.

Why are your products expensive?

We think our products are underpriced as you do not have to buy other products like soil conditioner or enhancer, flowering agents, fruiting agents, etc. So if you were to add the costs of all these products together and then compare our price with normal fertilizer, then it would be a better yardstick to compare us. In fact, we believe our products are unique in the world.

If your product is plant-based, why then it is not certified organic?

To be certified organic, it needs to be done with an accredited organization and that will take time, and requires a large amount of money that will cause cost inflation. We rather pass the savings to our users. Our products have our laboratory test reports and are issued by Singapore authorities such as non-toxic plant DNA, non-GMO, mineral values, NPK values.

How often can I use Grow It Organic?

We highly recommend our users follow the instructions on specific plants or crops. For more info, kindly contact us on Facebook or Instagram.

What are the signs of over usage of Grow It Organic?

Over usage could lead to a build-up of unhealthy nutrients in the soil and will result in some yellowing on the leaf and lower part of the stem.

When is the best time to use Grow It Organic?

The best time to use our product is early mornings or late evenings.

Is Grow It Organic safe to use near children and pets?

Yes, as it has been tested non-toxic by a laboratory-based in Singapore. Our products are safe for children and pets. Wash skin if irritation occurs.

What happens if the solution comes into contact with my eyes?

Flush eyes with warm water and if irritation continues, visit your doctor immediately.

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