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What is Grow it Organic?

Grow it Organic is a 100% organic plant-based and bio-degradable solution. It is a refined version of compost tea, which its use boosts the fertility of the soil, resulting in visible improvement in productivity, health, and quality of crops.

Our product ensures that your plants grow with plant DNA and organic nutrients. It also rejuvenates the land over time and helps to promote fertility as well as microbial activities.

It can be used for all kinds of crops and vegetables. When used correctly, you can achieve cost-effective farming and enjoy incredibly productive plants and fertile soil.

What are the key advantages of Grow It Organic?

🌿 Organic & 100% Plant-Based

🌿 Increase Yield & Growth

🌿 Better Harvest Cycle

🌿 Pest & Insect Repellent

🌿 Stalks & Roots Strengthening

🌿 Cost-Effective

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Our Mission

Our mission is to offer organic and chemical-free value-added products without compromising quality.

To inspire, build and support a healthier and safer community of like-minded people, who believe in reducing the negative impact on our Earth without using chemicals in products while trying to obtain superior results.

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Our Vision

To promote a better living for farmers by increasing crop yield and reducing harvesting time. Thus, allowing produce to reach the markets faster.

To promote a cleaner and non-toxic space for backyard gardeners while growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs when providing food for your loved ones.

To promote a non-toxic space for house plant enthusiasts without the side effects of chemicals that might harm your family and pets.

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Our Promise

To serve our community and provide interactive customer service and care.

To shop and think local first when sourcing ingredients and materials.

To reduce unnecessary plastic waste by using recycled paper as fillers while packing orders.

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