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World Environment Day

Hello Gioers, happy World Environment Day! We would like to take this opportunity to share some information about our GIO 30ml Starter Kit bottle.

Made from Wheat Straw Plastic, this bottle is eco-friendly and entirely biodegradable. Unlike traditional plastic, this material takes about 3-6 months to turn into compost.

Even though small in size, this bottle has a large impact. In terms of helping our environment and your gardening. A 30ml GIO Concentrated solution can make at least up to 60X500ml spray bottles, thus being able to reduce the number of plastic bottles used.

At the same time, We would eventually replace our black spray bottles and change them into more environmentally friendly bottle. Do bear with us as we improve our processes and services. We are committed to our promise to Mother Earth and our customers.

We are looking forward to releasing a new range of products that are made from all-natural and organic ingredients. Lots of thought and time have been put into this product. Stay tuned for this! #Growitorganic #Growitorganicph #Growitorganiccommunity

More info in these two links to understand more about Wheat Straw Plastic.

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