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Soil and the world of organisms living within it sustain life on Earth, and using chemical fertilizers are destroying them. 

Our organic growth solution is derived from natural sources and their usage can have a positive impact on the environment. While using chemical fertilizers has led to several issues such as serious soil degradation, nitrogen leaching, soil compaction, reduction in soil organic matter, and loss of soil carbon. In addition, the efficacy of chemical fertilizers on crop yield has been decreasing over time.

Our team is excited to bring you a great new product that won't harm Mother Earth, including yourself and your pets. 

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Here's another one that gave me a gor-fuss new leaf after using Grow It Organic's plant growth solution. It's big golden colored one on top. With Anthurium, each new leaf is almost always bigger than all the other ones. I'm sure we're still riding the upward climb of its growth wave; the things will plateau and new challenges will present themselves. Until then, I will celebrate each new leaf that nature reveals to me with... the help of great products like growitorganic - an organic growth solution product from Singapore that visibly works.


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